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Raleigh Pet Sitting Services at its best!

As Professional Pet sitters, we strive to give you peace of mind while you are away from your beloved pet and home.

Our in-home pet care service is filled with love and security.

With years of professional pet sitting services experience, Raleighwood Petsitting is here to steer you away from those crowded and unhealthy kennels and boarding services! Our petsitters provide each pet with the tender love and care they need while you are away.




Winter Tips For Your Pet(s)

  • AVOID FROSTBITE AND HYPOTHERMIA: Keep your pet(s) indoors as much as possible during cold temperatures except to take them out to potty.  
  • AVOID INJURY TO OUTDOOR ANIMALS: Many outdoor animals, mostly cats & other wildlife tend to gravitate toward the space under the hood of your vehicles for warmth from the engine.  If you bang on the hood of your car before driving off this will most likely scare them away. 
  • PAW PROTECTION FROM SALT: If your pet(s) get around any chemicals used to melt snow, make sure to wipe off your pet(s) paws to keep them from licking and injesting any of the chemicals.  

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The Scoop On Poop

An excert from John Davidson

But since poop doesn’t come with name tags, you never know just who the pooper was. Some angry neighbors start guessing.
One left a bag of poop on my front steps, marked “For the Davidsons.” Another woman essentially started stalking me when I walked my dogs, cellphone in hand to summon the authorities. I think she’s out there today, waiting. Full Story

  • Go Green for Pets

    The green scene has gone beyond gardens - it now includes litter boxes and doggie treats. Full Story

  • Did you know…

    Raleighwood Pet Sitting will also arrange trips to the vet, groomer or even the dog park while you are at work; learn more about us. Don’t want to spend your weekend cleaning up yard waste? Check out our services page for details on how you can save time and a complete list of our house chores and errand services.




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