Cat Sitting Services and Other Pets

We Care For All Pets

Cat Sitting ServicesAll pets need someone to check in on them every once in a while. Our pet sitters recognize that each animal has special needs, and they are ready and anxious to help fill those needs for your cat or other small animal. Each visit’s activities will depend on the type of pet, and any special instructions you have for them. Your petsitter will do anything from playing with your cat, feeding the fish, or just spending time with your pet as you normally would. Overall, they will focus on giving your pet the care and attention they crave. Don’t let your pets get lonely, be it a cat, a fish, or a guinea pig. Raleighwood Petsitting will always be here to help.


$17 – 15 minute visit  

$18 – 30 minute visit

Cats may not get to go out for a walk with our pet sitters but they still need to know that someone is checking in to ensure everything is going okay at home & that they’re well taken care of.  On each visit one of our pet sitters will provide one-on-one attention for your kitty, including playtime for those who like to play, providing fresh food & water & clean litter boxes.

Pricing applies to 1-2 cats

3+ cats = $2 per additional cat per visit

Small Pet Sitting ServicesOTHER SMALL PETS

Rabbits, Gerbils, Fish, Ferrets, Etc.

$17 – 15 minute visit  

$18 – 30 minute visit

Pricing applies to 1-2 small pets

3+ small pets = $2 per additional small pet