When Life Is Too Busy, We’ll Pick Up the Slack!

Raleigh Dog Walking ServicesLife can get very demanding at times, and when you have to work long hours or leave your home for long periods of time, it’s nice to know there are people watching out for your furry companions while you are away. At Raleighwood Petsitting, we know that you love your dogs, and so we are here to provide top quality Raleigh dog walking services, so that they can get the exercise and care that they need. When life is just too demanding, leave the dog walking to us!

Generally speaking, dogs require about an hour of exercise a day, and some breeds require even more. When dogs have the time they need to run, play, explore, and get out all of that pent up energy, they are calmer and happier as a result. They get the same physical and chemical rewards from exercise as we do, and if you aren’t getting enough exercise, chances are your dog isn’t either. When dogs don’t get the exercise they need, they will often begin to act out their boredom in irritating and even destructive ways. Signs that your dog might just need some extra walks from our dog walkers in Raleigh include behavior such as:

  • Barking loudly and frequently at inappropriate times: When your dog has too much pent up energy, he or she will likely jump or bark at inappropriate times, as they will have become too easily excitable.
  • Restlessness & anxiety: This can result in neurotic behaviors, such as staying up throughout the night, pacing, and wandering around the house.
  • Playing too rough: This tends to result from an excessive build up of energy that is being released too aggressively when playtime happens. A dog that is exercised frequently will be less aggressive and better behaved.
  • Chewing, digging, or clawing: This often happens when dogs become bored. They will try to stimulate their minds in some way, and this often manifests in messy and even destructive behavior.
  • Pulling On the Leash: This is often a problem when dogs haven’t been walked in a long time, as they become overly excited when a walk actually does happen.
  • Obesity: As with humans, and any creature really, dogs will become overweight without the right amount of exercise, and that can bring with it a whole list of other problems, including diabetes, joint problems, liver problems, and decreased stamina.

Raleigh Dog Walking ServicesAs much as we all wish they would sometimes, dogs aren’t going to go outside and walk themselves. They rely on us for these kinds of things, and our Raleigh dog walking services will give that to them when you simply can’t. Every moment in life counts, and sometimes it just feels like we don’t have enough time in the day. It can be difficult sometimes to work a good long walk with your dog into your schedule. Our services will save you time, so that you won’t have to get up early, rush home during your lunch hours, or delay evening plans so that your dogs are getting the exercise they need. You can leave all of that to us!

One of the major benefits your dogs will receive from our dog walkers in Raleigh is that we help build your dog’s sense of communication and trust. Dogs benefit greatly from working and cooperating with humans, and the sense of unity and companionship they will feel from our professional dog walkers will make them happier and more confident. While out on our walks, we will take the time to let your dogs explore and meet new people and other animals, all the while encouraging good behavior and cooperation. We will help enhance their skills in outdoor environments, helping reinforce their training by having them sit, heel, and stay when necessary. Our Raleigh dog walkers will help your dogs further develop these important skills. Whether it’s simply exploring outdoors or running into other people and dogs, we are always looking for great opportunities to enhance their training through proper social interactions.

Our professional dog walkers in Raleigh will start off by providing you with a one-on-one consultation so that you can see first hand how we are with your dogs. We are sure your dogs will love us right away, as we love dogs and we love what we do! We will establish a connection with your furry little friends right away, and they will be excited to go out exploring with us. If you have a dog who happens to be shy or even fearful around new people, we know how to handle that. We are prepared to gain their trust as well as yours.

We will also talk about any medical or behavioral issues we should know about before taking your dogs out. Whether it’s a heart condition, bad eye site, or anything else we should know about, we will establish that information and act accordingly. Your dog’s health is extremely important to us, and as professional Raleigh dog walkers, we guarantee to treat your critters with compassion and care.

Raleigh Dog Walking Services

At Raleighwood Petsitting, we will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your dogs are well taken care of when you aren’t around. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your dogs are digging into the garbage, going potty inside the house, or if they are sitting around depressed due to a lack of exercise. You won’t have to feel guilty or stressed out. With us, they will be getting that quality outdoors time that they deserve.

Our Raleigh dog walking services also include taking your dog to a local dog park, where they can be free to roam around, play fetch, and socialize with other dogs. This is the prime opportunity for us to enhance your dog’s socialization skills, arming them with more confidence for future social situations. We can also play fetch with them, guaranteeing that they will get all of that pent up energy out. A trip to the dog park will do wonders for your dog, giving them plenty of physical and mental exercise. They will get to experience all kinds of different sites, smells, and sensations. After spending time with our Raleigh dog walkers at a local dog park, your dog will likely snooze for hours afterwards.

As the saying goes, “A tired dog is a good dog.”

Our dog walkers in Raleigh provide a variety of different services, which vary in terms of timeframe and activities. With such a wide range of services available, you are sure to find the perfect plan for your particular schedule.

Raleigh Dog Walking ServicesDOG WALKS

$18  – 30 minute visit / walk

$17  – 15 minute visit / walk

$14  – 10 minute visit / potty break

**10 Minute visit only available for 3rd or 4th visit / day

**45 & 60 min packages also available**

Recommendation of Older Dogs or Puppies – Add a 4th visit!  Older Dogs & puppies can’t wait as long in between visits – They will thank you for that extra visit per day.

Add a Cat or other small pet for $2/visit



$85/week – 5 day 30 minute visits

**Package Pricing cannot be prorated if Less than 5 days are used.

Less than 5 days used = $20/visit

$75/week – 5 Day 15 minute visits

**Package Pricing cannot be prorated if Less than 5 days are used.

Less than 5 days used = $17

Raleigh Dog Walking Services


Let us take your dog to a local Dog Park!  Our dog walking service gives your dog a chance to run free while enjoying the outdoors. We are committed to instilling happiness and healthy activities for all dogs.

$18 for 30 minutes at the park

+ chauffeur fee

Throughout the many years we have been providing professional Raleigh dog walking services, we have gained a reputation of trustworthiness with our many customers, and we will gain that trust with you as well! When you choose Raleighwood Petsitting, you will see an improvement in your dog’s overall health, happiness, and behavior. Our staff loves dogs and animals of all kinds, and we will take care of them with the same love and care we would give our own pets. Each one of our dog walkers in Raleigh can be assigned to an area within about three to five miles of your home. This way, we will be ready to take your dogs on their scheduled walks right on time.

When life is too busy, Raleighwood Petsitting is here to pick up the slack. Contact us today at (919) 473-3647, or schedule a consultation through our online reservation form.