We Will Board Your Pets While You Are Away

Raleigh Pet Boarding

Whether you are leaving town, or someone’s coming to view your home, Raleighwood Petsitting is here to take care of your furry little friends. Our Raleigh pet boarding services will provide everything your animals need to keep them happy, healthy, and carefree when you are away from home. Our pet sitters love animals and know how to take care of them. We will make sure your friends don’t suffer from separation anxiety or feel abandoned in any way. When they stay with us, they will be fed, pampered, and have plenty of playtime. Our Raleigh pet boarders know the stress that animals, especially dogs, can go through when their owners are not around, which is why we give them plenty of one-on-one love and attention. When your pets are staying with us, they will have all of the human care and companionship they deserve.

Rather than keeping your animals at a boarding facility, which can lead to all kinds of problems such as kennel stress or even the chances of kennel related illnesses such as Kennel Cough, our Raleigh pet boarding services are done right at our pet sitter’s homes. This will help keep them feeling more calm, as the comfort of a person’s home is much less strange and stressful for them than a noisy boarding facility. With our pet boarding in Raleigh, you won’t have to worry about overbooked concrete kennels, or feel bad thinking about your companions spending time in an isolated kennel. You will have peace of mind knowing they are with trusted professionals who both love animals and love what they do.

There are many reasons why someone would want to utilize our professional Raleigh pet boarding services. Most importantly: your animal’s happiness. When animals are left home alone for long periods of time, the stress and boredom can manifest in all kinds of unhealthy and destructive ways. Even with plenty of food and water left out for them, long periods of time without human contact can really take its toll. Dogs are pack animals, and even if they are left home in groups, they still need the love and care that only a person can provide. When your dogs stay at your Raleigh pet sitter’s homes, you won’t have to worry about them getting stressed and developing behaviors such as:

  • Loud barking or whining that might upset the neighbors
  • Making a mess of the garbage
  • Restlessness or insomnia
  • Digging, chewing, and scratching at the carpet or furniture
  • Defecating or urinating inside
  • An increase or loss in appetite
  • Shedding

Our Raleigh pet boarding services will keep any of this from happening, as your furry little friends will be in the company of people who will love and care for them. We will make sure they don’t end up with separation anxiety that could lead to any of these stress-related behaviors.

While your dogs are bunking down with us, we can also provide any of our Raleigh dog walking services upon request. We can make sure they are getting the exercise they need, which is a big part of keeping them feeling happy and calm while they are staying at someone else’s house. You won’t have to worry about them getting a bunch of pent up energy for when they are returned home. We can make sure they are properly exercised and tired out!

Raleigh Pet Boarding

We can take care of your cats as well. While cats can generally go for longer periods of time without their owners, they aren’t actually the solitary creatures some people think they are. Cats develop strong bonds with their owners over time, and excessive amounts of time away from them can lead to the development of separation anxiety, which comes with a whole list of behavioral problems. These include:

  • Going potty outside of their kennels, often times in front of doors or even on certain objects
  • Nervous vomiting
  • Loud meowing and other odd vocalizations
  • Chewing and scratching at the carpet and furniture, as well as other destructive behaviors
  • Loss of appetite
  • Eating too quickly, which can also lead to vomiting
  • Shedding
  • Excessive grooming to the point of creating bald spots

When you choose our Raleigh pet boarding services, we guarantee to keep your cats feeling more relaxed and secure than they would if they were alone by themselves. We will give them all of the food and water they need, as well as keep their minds stimulated with plenty of playtime. The love and care we will provide your cats will keep them from developing separation anxiety, and keep them from displaying any of the behaviors associated with it. With our professional Raleigh pet boarding services, your cats will stay feeling relaxed, secure, and cared for.

When you choose Raleighwood Petsitting, you won’t have to feel any guilt or stress thinking about your animals being alone without you, or in some kind of strange boarding facility that might not give them the care they deserve. With us, they will be getting all of their much-needed human interaction.

Pet Boarding Services You Can Trust

Raleigh Pet BoardingWe know that leaving your pets with someone requires a certain level of trust. After all, your pets aren’t just your property, they’re beloved members of your family. We guarantee quality Raleigh pet boarding services from people who have the well-being of your pet as their top priority. Raleighwood Petsitting’s services are licensed, bonded, and insured. We are also a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating, and we’ve even been listed in the Georgia Network of Professional Pet Sitters (under our former name Atlanta Dogsitting).

We are professional, caring people who have gained the trust of many customers over our years of providing top quality pet boarding services in Raleigh. And we are ready to gain your trust as well. We can provide a consultation with you before you decide to use our services, so that you can be sure you are hiring someone you can trust. We will come to your home and establish a connection with you and your pets, who will be happy to see us as we love animals and know how to treat them well. During this time, you can give us any information regarding medical conditions, dietary requirements, or behavioral issues we should know about. We will make sure this information is established and will act accordingly, making sure your animals are given the care and treatment they require.

We are confident that you and your pets will love our pet boarding services.

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Raleigh Pet BoardingBOARDING (In Pet Sitter’s Home)

$55 boarding fee

We can keep your pets in our home while you are away, and will treat them with all of the love and care that they need. Any extra affection and playtime is on the house!

$20 per add’l dog

$45 (Dogs 10 lbs. or less or Cats)

$20 per add’l dog/cat

Contact us for Night & Day Package Pricing Options



At Raleighwood Petsitting, our Raleigh pet boarding services are a great idea for people who are showing their home to potential buyers. Even though most people have no problem with animals, you never know when having one in your home could mean the difference between making a sale or not.

Some homebuyers may not like seeing a pet in your home for the following reasons:

  • Some people are uncomfortable or nervous around animals. Whether they did not have family pets growing up, or had negative experiences with them in the past, not everyone is an animal lover.
  • People who are inexperienced around animals may find them unpredictable.
  • They may simply not trust your pets, imagining they could bite, claw, vomit, or who knows what else? Everyone is different, and when it comes to making a sale, it’s better to cover all of your bases.

#1 Preferred Pet Solution

Trust us, it is better to relocate your pet while your home is on the market. Keeping them in the back yard, the garage, or a back room somewhere just isn’t good enough, and it isn’t fair to them either. Removing them from the house is the best option.