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May 27, 2018
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Raleigh Pet Sitter

At Raleighwood Petsitting, we understand just how much your pets mean to you. Leaving them in the care of someone else, especially when that person is staying at your home while you’re away, requires trust. Before leaving your animals in another’s care, here are certain qualities that you should be able to recognize.


That’s not to say your Raleigh pet sitter shouldn’t have an energetic or bubbly personality, it simply means they should be secure and confident when interacting with your dog, as anxiety can easily be sensed by dogs, and they will act accordingly to this anxiety.

This calmness should also extend to situations where your dog is misbehaving, or when things just don’t go according to plan. Your pet sitter should be able to remain patient when your dog misbehaves and act appropriately.

Can Differentiate Between Good And Bad Behavior

Your Raleigh pet sitter should understand that you’ve spent plenty of time training your dog, and should know how to reinforce that training appropriately.

A good pet sitter will also communicate with you in order to establish your dog’s boundaries. For instance, if your dog is expressly forbidden from climbing up on the couch, your pet sitter will make sure that they do not break that rule while you’re away.


Of course, this doesn’t mean being a pushover, it simply means that your pet sitter should be in tune with your pet’s body language. A good pet sitter can sense your dog’s mood. If your dog is highly sociable and happy to meet strangers, they will return that enthusiasm. If your dog is shy and slow to gain trust, they will be able to give your dog the time and space he or she needs.


Good pet sitters have enough experience with dogs to be able to handle a variety of different situations. There is also a wide variety of dog breeds, and your Raleigh pet sitter should be able to adequately communicate with and handle a wide variety of breeds as well.

Raleigh Pet Sitter

Loves Animals

This one should go without saying, but it’s important to have a pet sitter who is not simply trying to make a buck. Your pet sitter should show genuine affection for your dog. This will be seen during the initial consultation. A good pet sitter should also be happy to share stories about their own dogs and other pets, and the various animals they’ve cared for throughout their career.

Bonded, Licensed, and Insured

This shows that your Raleigh pet sitter is of high quality, offering the level of professionalism you need to confidently leave your dog in their care.


When you leave your dog with a pet sitter, you should be able to have peace of mind and rest assured that he or she will be taken care of.

Raleigh Pet SitterWhat You Can Expect From Our Raleigh Pet Sitters

All of the qualities listed above will be exemplified by our pet sitters. We love animals and we love what we do. Unlike many of the more commercial, national pet sitting companies, our pet sitters are a consistent and integral part of our company, offering a deeper level of pet care and a higher standard of responsibility.

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